Fairy Tale Fights : I just saved you $$

Once upon a time there was a man that loved video games with all his heart. He played from morning till night. Until one day  a giant Gamefly brought a game to his mailbox.

This game had potential to be funny, creative, and enjoyable. It almost seemed as though the developers, Playlogic Entertainment, went half way with their idea and said, “Screw it! Let’s go get some doughnuts. The games got blood and cartoon characters, what more does it need?” Well, for starters, better camera work. If you are playing on anything less than a 37″ screen, you might have difficulty with playing a couple levels.

Other problems : controls “sometimes” work, perspective with certain jumps or areas can be sketchy, you will die . . . a lot, very repetitive to the point of drooling.

I really wanted to enjoy this game. I really did! Being a man of simple gaming love, it should have fulfilled my thirst. Most of the time I was thinking back to some of the impossible Mega Man jumps. So then years of repressed video game frustration boiled up. I laid it down, had a drink, and shipped it back.

Don’t rent it, don’t buy it, just be happy that reading this didn’t take 5 hours from your life, unlike Fairy Tale Fights.


About SirDiabloBlanco
Avid video gamer with opinions. Basically, I like to rant and rave about video games, the trends, and the industry

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