Zombies talk about brains too much. www.riptapparel.com

Hey guys, I am excited about this! When I am not playing video games and complaining about them, I am designing for rock bands and such. Well my friends at RIPT Apparel wanted to use a shirt design that I had made. So on Halloween (12am – 11:59pm) this shirt will be on for sale. It will only print for that 24 hour period. Do not miss out! On November 1st, you will be crying in your Froot Loops for not buying this shirt! Don’t be that guy/gal!

So I am sure you are saying, “What will I do with a zombie shirt after Halloween!??!!!?” Little unknown facts – Pilgrims  were zombies. So this is totally appropriate for Thanksgiving.  During Christmas if you put some raw meat and a picture of you wearing this shirt in a sock the Santa Zombie will reward you with all your dreams. PLUS BONUS HOLIDAY FEATURE – It has green on it. No pinching on St. Patrick’s day for you, informed and smart shopper!

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Shank : Bloody retribution in waves of bloody repetition

This little summer bloodfest made a small blip on the radar and then disappeared. Other sites gave it decent reviews so where did this fantastically stylized side scroller go wrong? Let’s look at it, shall we.

Shank is a hell bent dude, avenging the murder of his girlfriend, well you assume a murder. Along the way you meet the Kill Bill rejects in typical boss fashion, all the way up to the final boss. You have the muscle testosterone guys, the chick with a sword, wanna be crime lords, etc., none of them stand out as a true nemesis. Each boss has a pattern. Once learned it is fairly easy to beat. Hit detection gets a little woppy but doesn’t deter from the gameplay.

The entire time I played, I thought that there were chunks of the story missing. Little flashbacks for cut scenes made me think that there was a deeper history between the characters. None of it is really developed. But you really are not playing this game for the story line anyway. You are playing because it looks cool. REALLY COOL!

The animation is fresh and up to speed with all movements, weapons, and kills. So smooth it feels like silk. The controls, on the other hand, are more like flannel. You will experience “I was aiming that way!” moments and frustration will build. Frustration in ways that will have you remembering classic Double Dragon or Bad Dudes games. You will play through the frustration, just like you did with those games. It turns into a “I have beaten this before and it will never get the best of me” attitude.

The great thing is that you can play with a frustrated friend in Shank’s co-op. Same idea of the game, just a little off story.

Keep in mind that the level design and basic gameplay screams NES/SNES. Move a little bit, fight a swarm of people, move a little bit more, more waves of baddies, now enter bigger dudes with battering rams, move a little bit, more waves of the same characters, cutscene, and boss fight. It is this repetition that killed the game for me. I got bored way too fast for such a visually awesome game. I guess that is why I wasn’t upset when I realized that 4 hours later it was over.

I chalked it up to eating an awesome $14 burger with a beer. The first initial bite is wonderful, but by the last bite you are so full of that burger you just want it to be over.