Bioshock 2 : You can never find a decent plumber in Rapture.

Bioshock 2 is a return to Rapture, an underwater metropolis that went, well, crazy. You take the role as a Delta, a big daddy, trying to find his daughter and take down his “wife”. Sounds like a bad case of domestic abuse, but it is fun!

The story sets 10 years after the events of Bioshock. Sophia Lamb is now in charge of Rapture. She is crazy. Plain and simple. She sends her army of Big Sisters to take you down so that you can find the remaining little sisters.

Little Sisters? Creepy little girls that help you search for ADAM (blood), so that you can change your genetic structure and evolve. Evolve? Gain mutant like powers, such as shoot fire, electricity, and bees from your left hand. The right hand is an assortment of weapons, ranging from a drill, machine gun, shotgun, etc.

I did not find this game as creepy as the first. Sure there were a couple of moments that made me shiver but overall it seemed more like a haunted house at the fair. I got tired of repeated lines from the Splicers. Splicers? Humans that have mutated and now living in rapture with nothing to do but repeat the same 6-8 lines of dialogue.

Speaking of Splicers : Hey 2K! Why did you make them more powerful than some of the main enemies. I could take down another Big Daddy or Sister no problem, but a splicer could hit me 2-3 times with a wrench or shoot me with a pistol and I died. That was annoying.

Ok, back to the atmosphere of Rapture. Dark, wet, and bodies all over the place. Great look all the way around. Nice detail on everything.

The controls were okay. I had to tweak a couple of things. Everything was responsive though. There was never a “I HIT THE X BUTTON!” deal.  I did wish there was a “sprint” action for Delta. He lumbered around and it slowed down areas that really should have taken less time.

I will not go into any spoilers for those that have not played it yet. There are moments where you have decide good or bad. It does make the outcome of the game change. There are multiple endings just like the first Bioshock.

I felt that the last section of the game stretched on and on and on and on. Some areas seemed to be time wasters and make the game just a little bit longer. There was some back tracking that was annoying.

Overall the story, characters, and gameplay were great! I enjoyed the game even with the minor things I have mentioned. I can not see a reason for a Bioshock 3 though. There is a multiplayer aspect to the game. I touched on it briefly. It did not spark my interest. I am glad that the single player game was satisfying and worth the time spent! You hear that Infinity Ward and Dice? Give the single player campaign some time! Not everyone is about multiplayer all the time!

Go rent this monster or wait till the price drops. It is a good 16-24 hours worth of underwater goodness.