Lego my rehashed 3D adventure

Summer is ending. I am emerging from my fan filled rooms and opening up the windows, letting the autumn air in, and removing the odor of the games I have played. This time around, I am reviewing for two : Indiana Jones 2 – The Adventure Continues and 3D Dot Game Heroes.

Let’s get Indiana out of the way .

Lucasarts owns a whip that beats dead horses. Whips them hard. This Lego adventure was not needed. When Lego games first started, I thought they were cute and fun. Now . . . it is just sad. The controls and camera were both frustrating and sloppy. The majority of the time there was so much happening on the screen that you could not see where you were going. You know the story lines if you know the movies. Bottom line, don’t bother. If you want to have fun in Legoland, stick with the first two Lego Star Wars games and enjoy.

I do believe that the Lego games can stop now. I understand that they have a couple more in the works. Ugggh. Not everything has to become part of the beloved block toy line.

————– Now to another beloved block icon —————–

The year 1986 was a great time for the adventure in all gamers. Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda, a pinnacle of adventure games. You loved the gold cartridge, you hummed the songs all day, and you dreamed of killing octorocks. Life was good.

Over the past 20 years, especially since Sony and Microsoft have entered the picture, gamers have wanted Nintendo to cross platform. The idea of downloading Zelda through PSN makes drool.

Atlas games jumped into the pool and said, “Screw you Nintendo, we will make a game that pays homage and shows off some innovative gaming ideas.”  There was one problem with that.

In 1986 gamers did not need as much game interaction, explosions, and constant on the edge gameplay, as they do now. 86’ers had no problem of running back and forth looking for this and that. I couldn’t help but feel like I had already played the game and got bored quickly. There was not much that made me want to continue toward the end. There are plenty of jokes and plugs referring back to Zelda games. Nothing stands out though. The maps and enemies resemble the original NES Zelda. The environments and weapons resemble SNES Link to the Past.

Overall the game is fun but for a short time. Rent it to play for a few hours. It will at least bring back memories.