Godhead : At the Edge of the World

Okay, first off, this album came out in 2008. I just found out that they had released it about a week ago. I first saw Godhead in 1999 at DragonCon in Atlanta. Their mix of electronica and metal just struck a chord in my heart. I purchased their first three albums and then did not hear anything from them until 2003 when they released Evolver. Let’s just say I was not a fan of that album.

Let’s all thank Steve Jobs and iTunes. Without iTunes I would have lost track of a lot of bands. Godhead being one of them.

Godhead released At the Edge of the World in 2008. This is a perfect album from this band. Dark, moody, and emotional at points. Nothing gets too busy, it can make you drive fast. By the end of the album, you want to start the ride all over again.

People have described the music as gothic rock, At the Edge of the World should be described as a damn good hard rock album. Nothing against gothic rock, I just can not hear it as that.

Godhead is supposedly in the studio working on a 2010 release. I hope that they are working in the same direction as this album. If so, they could become a household name. It pleases me that Godhead have been around for so long and have not thrown in the towel. Sure, I forgot about them for a couple years, but they still made an impression on my ears in 1999. Thank goodness they still are in 2010.

PS – Pick up their 1998 release Power Tool Stigmata