Infamous : Karma is a bitch.

How cool would it be to wake up and have super powers? How much cooler would it be to blow the city up with a new weapon and then wake up with super powers? In Cole’s case, mass destruction found him first.

In Infamous you are Cole, a delivery boy that opened a package and blew the city up with the Ray Sphere. Of course, he did not know that was going to happen. After the blast, Cole wakes up to find out that he can control electricity. He is a human battery, able to heal or kill. The choice is yours.

Throughout the game you have karma moments. Choose to do the “good for all” or “good for you”. This makes your hero or villain meter move, affects the story and how the people in the city react to you. You gain experience during the karma moments, side missions, and when you kill/capture a member of on of the three gangs in the city.

The story is hard to follow at first and the thought of “What?” and “Why should I care?” happens often. It was not until I was 6 hours into the game before things started to click. The story really tries to force you to have feelings for some of the characters, but it is very forced. Cole’s “girlfriend” is a total “B”. You are manipulated by everyone in the story and seem to lap dog your way through the game until you decide enough is enough. By then it is too late – the game is over.¬†You will find yourself spending too much time doing the same objectives over and over and over and over . . . and over.

In the end, you are drawn into a decent story that really leads to a sequel. Sucker Punch could have an amazing game on their hand for a number 2.

The controls are fairly smooth. Sometimes a little touchy. The screen can often fill with chaos and you can not figure out who is shooting who but the fights can be very intense. Voice acting, graphics, and map layouts are top notch. There is just too much repetition in mission styles to really say that it is breaking new ground.

There is about 20 hours of gameplay. That includes all side missions and doing the good and evil campaigns. Rent it if you can or buy it when you see it for $20.