Killzone 3 slated for 2011!

Guerrilla Games has shown off an amazing piece of work with 2009’s Killzone 2 and plans on topping it with Killzone 3. We all knew that the game was going to come out. So there was never really a secret on that part. The main secrets are also pretty obvious, such as: full single player campaign, multiplayer, and co-op modes.

Development started right after Killzone 2. Guerrilla Games is taking inspiration from Uncharted 2 and God of War. In fact Uncharted’s Naughty Dog will be assisting in the development of the games engine.

Guerrilla Game’s is stating that there will be more diverse environments (snow, jungle, etc.) as well as fully destructible environments. That makes sense considering that if one is firing a massive rocket launcher, you would expect the wall to be blown apart. From what I am reading there will be more weapons. Some almost seem very Ratchet and Clank-ish. Weird? Sure.

Things I hope to see with Killzone 3 : I want Rico to shut up, Sev to man up, and Helghast to smarten up when being shot at.


Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves

Own a PS3? You better play Uncharted 2. Best game on the console. Truly immersible storyline, addictive multiplayer, and worth ever penny.

If every video game company followed the footsteps that Naughty Dog did with Uncharted 2, there would not be need for reviews. You would automatically play the game because it is damn good. There is reason why this received so many awards. The only downside is that Naughty Dog has a very high bar to jump over for their next installment.