Zombies talk about brains too much. www.riptapparel.com

Hey guys, I am excited about this! When I am not playing video games and complaining about them, I am designing for rock bands and such. Well my friends at RIPT Apparel wanted to use a shirt design that I had made. So on Halloween (12am – 11:59pm) this shirt will be on for sale. It will only print for that 24 hour period. Do not miss out! On November 1st, you will be crying in your Froot Loops for not buying this shirt! Don’t be that guy/gal!

So I am sure you are saying, “What will I do with a zombie shirt after Halloween!??!!!?” Little unknown facts – Pilgrims  were zombies. So this is totally appropriate for Thanksgiving.  During Christmas if you put some raw meat and a picture of you wearing this shirt in a sock the Santa Zombie will reward you with all your dreams. PLUS BONUS HOLIDAY FEATURE – It has green on it. No pinching on St. Patrick’s day for you, informed and smart shopper!

Go here on Halloween! –> RIPT Apparel RIPT Apparel RIPT Apparel <– Go here on Halloween!