Gamers need games like Borderlands. Games that stretch out with some new concepts and that you can not finish in a weekend. Gearbox Interactive has introduced us to a new type of game experience. Gamers need games that they play throughout  a long span of time, learning the environment and finding every item, person, and investing in the game itself. That game is Borderlands.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world of Pandora, you choose from 4 characters and set out in search for The Vault. Little is known about The Vault other than it is a supposed treasure trove of alien artifacts, technology, and of insurmountable wealth. I chose Roland, former mercenary that is good with a shotgun and combat rifle.

Arriving in Fyrestone, I learn the basics from a very annoying little robot. (Really wish you good shoot him.) You gain experience through killing bandits, skags (dog creatures), and taking jobs form certain people around the badlands. Jobs can vary from finding items to eliminating a “problematic” bandit camps.

So far I am really enjoying the game. It is quite obvious that after 12 hours of gameplay, I am no where close to finishing. I have not even touched the multiplayer section yet! There is also a wealth of downloadable content that I can get.

Give me a couple more days and we will see what happens.

If you rent this, I would suggest that you expect not to finish it. This seems like a buyer when it goes on sale.